Scarcity is a yucky feeling that comes up any time it feels like there isn’t enough - enough time, enough money, enough food, enough attention, enough of anything. Scarcity is based in fear and doubt, and is basically just the worst. Lately, I’ve had some of opportunities that I could have easily (and in the past would have) chosen into scarcity. Last week, there was a drawing for a big raffle that I was just sure I was going to win. I made a vision for the day of the drawing. I heard my name being called out when I envisioned them drawing the winner. I looked for signs that I had the winning ticket. I planned what I would do with the money when I won. I said prayers. I gave thanks for all I had. I truly thought I was in a place of abundance (a mindset of more than enough, based in love and faith - basically the total opposite of scarcity). I was so ready to win and receive the blessing of that raffle money. I know this might sound so silly but I was just sure I was going to win! And then…. I LOST! I couldn’t believe it. I put on a happy face and distracted myself for the rest of the raffle party. I cheered for the winner… but inside, I was devastated. I wanted to question every ounce of faith I had. I wanted to tell myself things like “See you never win anything. Dreams never come true. You’re such an idiot for thinking you’d win…” And then I was like WAAAAIIIIIITTTTTT! These thoughts are coming from scarcity and there is just no space in my world for that!!! Living is scarcity is just a disgusting downward spiral that feels like poop the entire time. If I was truly in abundance like I thought I was, then i would know that the money (or anything else for that matter) that I thought I was going to receive from this raffle is coming to me from another source or several other sources. I would know that losing this raffle doesn’t mean loss or lack. There is plenty of money out there in the universe. And I would know that when in abundance, I can truly celebrate someone else’s amazing win because them winning doesn’t mean I lose. I mean it does in the typical sense, but it doesn’t mean I lose in the bigger picture. I got to donate to a fantastic cause and be part of a super fun celebration. So losing the raffle wasn’t actually a loss. It was a win in getting to be part of something fun and charitable, and it was a great reminder that a scarcity mindset is not an option for me. I will always choose abundance.