Pay As You Go:
Pay at the end of each month for the hours that you used that month.
1-4 hours of service = $35 per hour
5-8 hours of service = $34 per hour
9+ hours of service = $33 per hour

Monthly Packages:
Prepay for a package of hours on a monthly basis to receive a discount and be able to budget for your concierge services.
4 hour package = $128 ($32 per hour)
8 hour package = $248 ($31 per hour)
12 hour package = $360 ($30 per hour)
How does this work?
Packages are paid for at the start of the month and hours are deducted throughout the month. If you go over your package you simply pay for additional hours on your next invoice at the same hourly rate as your package. If you don’t use all your hours, any remaining hours will go into your hour bank, where they will accumulate until they reach the amount of your monthly package and will replace the following month’s package.

Senior Rate (60 years and over) = $25 per hour (billed as pay as you go or as a monthly package)

Night and Weekend Rate = $5 additional per hour of service.

How can you pay?
Monthly invoices come through email and card, check, or cash is accepted. Automatic billing is available for your convenience! Its just one more way we’re saving you “Mohr” Time!