We all have chores and sometimes we need a little motivation to get them done. Here are 8 ways to make your chore time a little more enjoyable and have more fun!

  1. Play music.
    Put on your favorite tunes and jam out while you work. My usual go to is contemporary musicals and singing like I’m on Broadway! And I always win the Tony Award when I’m done!

  2. Listen to a podcast.
    You can find everything in podcast land! You can learn stuff, be entertained with comedy or horror stories, catch up on the news, and more! My podcasts of choice are “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” (a silly news trivia show) and “Ask Me Another” (a word game/trivia show). I love to listen to people playing and play along while I work!

  3. Get some “reading” done.
    No time for actual reading? Listen to audiobooks while you work. You could get wrapped up in a story or you could put on a non-fiction book and keep your mind growing (my personal preference)!

  4. Cheer on your favorite sports team.
    As a huge Cubs fan, I love to listen to Cubs games while I work. We all know baseball is suuuper slow paced, so it’s an easy thing to have on in the background and tune and out of. Plus it can make your work go much faster when you’re listening to a close game!

  5. Get Nostalgic.
    Turn on your favorite movie/TV show from your past while you work. - You know, the one you know well enough that you can see what’s happening without actually watching it! Personally, I’m obsessed with Friends and know every episode by heart, so you can almost always find me listening to Friends and working on chores!

  6. Bring a friend.
    Enroll a friend into helping you so that you get to have friend time while you work. You can talk, catch up, make each other laugh AND get stuff done. (This works with talking on the phone with a friend while working too! Just make sure your friend doesn’t need you to be 100% listening and focused on them at that time. If they’re telling you something really important or personal and they hear clanging of dishes in the background… that doesn’t exactly scream best friend of the year award.)

  7. Make it a game.
    Turn each chore that you’re doing into some sort of game. See how fast you can get it done and race against the clock, or challenge yourself in some way while you work. Sometimes I like to see how efficiently I can load the dishwasher (i.e. how much can I fit in the dishwasher). I also like to race the clock on chores I do often to see if I can consistently get faster at doing that one thing!

  8. Give yourself a reward for getting it done.
    Decide on something you want to buy, love to do, or have been thinking about for a while, and use that as a reward for getting your chores done. For instance, when you get all the laundry folded and put away, you get to go get a pedicure! If you get dishes done every night before going to bed for a week straight, you get a shopping trip at IKEA. If you get the lawn mowed and yard work done, you get one hour of uninterrupted rest time. You can do this a lot of different ways and it’s especially helpful to complete a chore you’re not very excited about doing.


What’s the best way to make chores fun?? Just don’t do them! Hire someone to get your to-do list done and use your time for what you actually want to be doing. Spend more time with your family, get caught up on your work so you’re not stressed, go on a nature walk, read a book, volunteer for a good cause, or go hang out with your friends. Whatever it is that actually brings you joy and fun in life, go do that instead of spending your precious time on chores. I happened to know someone that can help with that! :-D