So the other night, I was driving one of my theatre students home from rehearsal (I choreograph for a high school drama program in my free time) and after the 15 minute drive to her house and about 30 min of sitting in the car and talking to her about life, I go to reach for my phone to call my hubby and let him know I’d be home soon. When it’s not in my normal jacket pocket, I go to my Apple Watch to ping it so I can hear where it is. And what do you know, my watch is showing me that it’s no where near me.

Thankfully, I have the watch with the data plan so I call my hubby and I ask him to get on Find My Phone to look where my phone is because I’m guessing I left it at the high school on the stage. He is like “duh Sarah you’re calling me.” and I was like “duh Tom” (my hubby) “I’m calling you from my watch.” So he looks it up and he’s like “It’s at the intersection of Neil and Curtis” (two major roads in our town). I was like “Well that doesn’t make sense, how could it be there?? Oh maybe it died and that’s the last known location, because I did pass through that intersection to take my student home.” So I pull into a parking lot to start digging through my rehearsal bag and my work bag.

Tom says “Sarah, I’m telling you, its in the intersection… like in the road. And it’s not dead, I am pinging it right now.” And I’m like “Tom that makes no sense. I didn’t open my window and throw my phone out into the street, so how would it be in the middle of the road?!” And he’s like “well that’s where it is.” So I drive to the nearest parking lot, and I’m like “Tom, tell me where to walk” and he says “Get out of your car and walk straight into the street and you will find your phone.” So at 10:00pm, in the rain, I get out of my car and I’m running around this major road (watching for cars obviously. Don’t worry, Mom!), and then I hear it pinging!! I finally find it, laying there in the middle of the road, AND IT IS TOTALLY FINE. My screen protector is a little roughed up and my case has a tiny crack, but otherwise it is completely fine.

The phone gods were definitely on my side that night.
Moral of the story… Never leave things on the roof of your car. lololol

Thank you to Apple for making a watch that can make phone calls, thank you to Speck for making a phone case that protected my phone so well, and the biggest thank you to my hubby, Tom, for putting up with my sassiness and navigating me to my phone!!