Every where you look right now there are reminders of all the New Year cliches - “New Year, New You.” “What’s your New Year’s Resolution?” “I’m going to eat healthy this year!” “I’m going to declutter this year!” “I just made my vision board!” - All the the things people say when the magic date of 1/1 rolls around and the opportunity for a fresh start arrives.

And then there are the people that are totally skeptical and cynical - “No one keeps their resolutions.” “Vision boards are lame.” “There is nothing special about the start of another year.”

Well, I’m going to be totally honest and vulnerable, and own the fact that I AM A GOAL MAKER.

I love goals. I thrive on setting goals and getting rewards for them. So you better believe I have a 2019 vision board and I have a long list of 2019 goals. There is a part of me that almost wants to hide that because it feels so lame and cliche to say, but I love goals and I love the start of a new year. I love the possibilities it brings and the hope I have for an amazing year.

The thing is - I don’t just set goals at the start of the year. I set goals all year long. And I have an amazing mastermind group that helps me achieve them. We have a call every week and hold each other accountable to achieving the things we say we want. The other three people on my call are inspiring, positive, and don’t let me get away with anything (even though I’m so adorkable). When I say I want something, they will ask me questions about it, they push me to move forward on it when I’m stuck, and they celebrate with me when I achieve it.

There is nothing quite like setting a big goal and then actually making it happen. If you’re not a goal setter - I encourage you to start. Pick something small to start, like drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day, or go through one closet in your house and pick out 3 things to donate by the end of this month… Start somewhere. Make sure you have people in your life to help hold you accountable that won’t let you get away with backing down or slacking (and someone that you will listen to the feedback they give you). Tell people your goal. Write down your goal. Visualize yourself accomplishing the goal. Feel what it will feel like when it’s done. It may seem cheesy or lame, but believe me, its worth it. Even if you think you have the perfect life, there is something in your heart that you would like to change or have more of or improve. Once you realize that you can and will actually achieve the things you desire, you will be unstoppable. There is so much empowerment in making a promise to yourself and keeping it.

If you’re already a goal maker, then say it loud and proud! Own it and help other people make goals and achieve them too!

And if you’re a goal maker that has never quite completed a goal - just remember, the value is in the journey. I’ve totally been there too, and not quite achieved what I had hoped. Here’s what I’ve figured out - Look at all you’ve learned from what you have tried to do in the past. Release any negativity (if you have any) around not quite getting there. Chances are, you got closer to that goal than you would have without it. Set another goal (or the same goal if it’s still something you desire) and go for it again! You know what they say - “New Year, New You!” :-D

My name is Sarah, and I am a goal maker AND a goal getter. Join me in all the cheesiness of the New Years cliches, and make some goals and start living your best life too!