Still making your holiday shopping list? Here are some ideas for gifts in case you still have that one person on your list that is hard to shop for!

Personalized Tervis Cup
I love Tervis cups (not sponsored by them or anything, just love them). They are durable and easy to clean. They don’t sweat when you have a cold drink on a hot day. They are fun and come in a whole bunch of sizes with different kinds of lids and straws. Add the personalization component and you’ve got an excellent gift at a very reasonable price.

You can never have enough placemats. They come in all different fun styles and colors, and are very practical. These are especially good for a gift for a hostess when you’re attending a party at someone’s house!

Your Favorite Book
There are some books that impact us deeply. Give the gift of that book to someone else so it can improve their life as well!

Stance Socks
These are the best socks. They are fun, come in lot of different styles and cuts, and do not rip easily. (Again, not sponsored by them, just love the socks.) You can easily find a pair for anyone since they have Disney, sports teams, and a whole bunch of other themes!

Massage/Spa/Pampering Time
Rest and relaxation for the body is something that most people do not give themselves. Giving that gift to someone is thoughtful and probably more needed than most tangible items we could buy for someone.

Words of Appreciation
How often do we stop to tell the people we care about how much we actually love them and all the great things about them? Write out a card or create some sort of homemade gift that truly tells people the greatness you see in them (thank you Klemmer and Associates for teaching me to do this).

An Experience and Time Together
To some people, the most valuable gift you could ever give them is just time together. Find an experience that falls into the interests of the person you are buying a gift for, and have that experience with them. For example, have a beer lover in the family? Get tickets to a beer tour around a city for them and go with them!

Amazon Gift Card
While it can feel a little impersonal to give a gift card, it is also fun to receive the gift of opportunity to get something you’ve had your eye on but weren’t willing to buy yourself. A gift card is fun and allows the person to get exactly what they want, especially from Amazon!

Sarah Mohr, Personal Concierge Gift Certificate
The one thing we can’t get more of in life is time in each day. Give the gift of leverage so your loved ones can enjoy the time they have while they have it!