I am so over winter. Like big time. So I’ve been thinking about spring and summer, and trying to remember what it feels like when it’s not -45 degrees! Here’s my plan for a big spring cleaning once the weather warms up! (Feel free to add other things you like to do for spring cleaning in the comments!!)

1. Clean out the garage

Pro tip: Organize everything into different areas of your garage (things to get rid of, different types of things you’re going to store in the garage - like holiday stuff, sports stuff, etc) and then put it all away at once, so you know each type of stuff has its own area that is big enough to hold all of it!

2. Deep clean the carpets.

Pro Tip: It’s super easy and affordable to rent a carpet cleaner from your local grocery store or hardware store. No need to own one! Remember to allow time for the carpet to dry before putting everything back and walking on it!

3. Clean out the fridge.

Pro Tip: Throw out old food AND wipe down all the surfaces. Use the back of a knife to scrape off anything stuff to the shelves.

4. Wash pillows and comforters.

Pro Tip: Make sure to check and follow the instructions on your pillows for how they should be washed. Different pillows need different things.

5. Wash windows - inside and out.

Pro Tip: For streak-free windows, use half vinegar and half water. Spray, wipe down with paper towel, then wipe again with another clean, dry paper towel. Bonus tip: Carry a backpack with you while doing the outside of the windows to hold the cleaners and paper towels, then tie a plastic bag to one of the straps of the bag for an easy place to put your dirty paper towels as you use them! (And do this one before it gets buggy outside!)

6. Deep clean the washing machine.

Pro Tip: The clean cycle doesn’t always do the trick. Try adding half vinegar, half water in your detergent dispenser and running the machine on a heavy duty cycle with a high temperature.

7. Deep clean the inside of the oven.

Pro Tip: Just like the washing machine, the self-clean mode on the oven doesn’t always do the trick. Easy Off is good stuff. Spray it in the oven all over and then let it sit for about 20 minutes. Then go back in with 409 and wipe the whole thing down. Repeat the process until it’s clean!

8. Clean out the cabinets.

Pro Tip: Check all expiration dates and reorganize the remaining food in to “like with like” categories. Go through your kitchenware and get rid of anything broken or extra that you don’t need, and organize the remaining items into “like with like” categories as well. Then wipe down all the cabinets inside and out, and finally put everything back in cabinets according to where you are in the kitchen when you use it. Make it as easy as possible for you to use and access everything in your kitchen.

Happy spring cleaning! Let’s hope spring gets here soon!!

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